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Welcome to Winter Loans

Are you desperate for cash but can’t avail a loan because your credit score is very low? Have you been to every major high street lender but been declined because your credit rating is less than average? Are you simply tired of moving from one lender to another without any success? Do you feel as if you’ve been cornered and increasingly frustrated because of all the rejections from lenders? If you identify with all the above, you need not worry as Winter Loans has got your back. We offer affordable logbook loans to all UK citizens who are beyond the age of 18 years and legally own a car.

We have over the years been able to put a smile on the faces of UK citizens who initially were not able to avail a loan because of their credit score status. Our success over the years has been pegged on our ability to help as many people as possible avail a loan without discriminating them based on their credit score status. From inception, we have always done everything within our power to ensure that we process logbook loans in the shortest time possible and ensure that we meet and exceed the needs of our customers.

Why you should choose us

Wondering why we should be your dependable partners when seeking to avail a logbook loan? For starters, we have been around for quite a long time and have been able to curve a niche for ourselves as reliable and dependable logbook loan providers. Our logbook loans are not only affordable but are also processed within the shortest time possible to ensure that all the needs of our customers are met and exceeded. Within our ranks are highly trained customer personnel who have been at the heart of our success as a respected logbook loan provider.

We believe that the needs of our customers come first and this is why we are always working around the clock to ensure that they are satisfied beyond measure. We have been able to collaborate with a number of partners such as Money Advice to ensure that you make an informed decision before you apply for a logbook loan. We believe that our success is informed by how well and professionally we treat our customers and how affordable our logbook loan products are. We have been able to assist as many UK citizens as possible avail a logbook loan without having to put them through the arduous process of carrying out credit checks.

What we need from you

In order to avail a logbook loan, we require that you be a UK citizen, be an adult of 18 years and own a car that has not been in use for more than 10 years. In addition to that, we also require that you produce a ministry of transport certificate, provide us with your car insurance details, and show us proof of income as well as proof of your address. We will evaluate the value of your car and extend you a loan based on the maximum value of your car and the exact amount you require for a loan.


Applying for a logbook loan with us is not a difficult process provided that you meet all the basic requirements. We aspire and are committed to processing and approving logbook loans within the shortest time possible. Provided that you’ve provided us with all the documentation, you can expect your logbook loan to be approved within 24 hours.