About Us

A renowned logbook loan provider in the UK, Winter Loans continues to exceed the expectations of its customers through provision of affordable logbook loans. We have over the years done everything within our power to ensure that we avail affordable logbook loans to all our customers without discriminating them on the basis of their credit score. We believe in provision of excellent services to our customers and that is what has put us in an enviable pole position in so far as logbook loan providers in the UK are concerned. We have been able to avail logbook loans to thousands of UK citizens over the years and this immensely catapulted us to top tier status among logbook loan providers in the UK.

We believe that our continued success is pegged on how well we treat our customers and how affordable our logbook loans are. From inception, we have always done everything within our power to ensure that we process and approve loans within the shortest time possible. We always work towards ensuring that the services we accord our customers are not only top notch but also designed to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. That is why we have over the years been known for offering affordable logbook loan products to our customers strewn all over the UK.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction coupled with the professional way in which we handle our customers is what sets us apart from other logbook loan providers. We believe that our customers are our most important asset and the reason as to why we have remained relevant over the years.